Poderi Vaiot

In every sip of wine, a bit of Roero

We produce with passion and care labels that are faithful to tradition

Vaiot, this is how we called our grandfather…

… Our name is linked to an ancient winemaking tradition

My brother and I, Daniele and Walter Casetta, have inherited the secrets and knowledge handed down by our father Franco and our granfather Pietro.

Since 2003, we have begun to create our personal journey.

By studying, experimenting and combining passion with ideas, we have found a unique and distinctive style.

Poderi Vaiot wines tell the Roero: in every sip there is an aspect of this area suited to the production of DOC and DOCG red and white wines.

A union of characters for every situation, to be tasted in order to better understand the pieces of the mosaic that is the Roero.

Our wines

The eight pearls of the Roero territory united under a brand that, in the name of quality, gives life to a limited production selection.

Tasting and winery visit

Visiting us, you allow us to share with you the great passion that motivates our work, as well as to guide you in the tasting of the final result: our 6 wines, the Roero pearls.

We are always there to welcome you and answer all of your questions, both during the walk among the rows (available on request), and while we tour the winery.

Once the demonstration tour of our work is ended, we move into the large tasting room to taste our wines.

Vaiot means experiencing the territory: tasting a wine goes beyond the taste itself, because the mind opens up to the history, to the tradition of the places where it originates.